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Modesty is for suckers

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Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:Connecticut, United States of America
Terri-Lynne DeFino (alias, the Bogwitch) is a writer and a Jersey girl at heart, even though she lives in Connecticut with her husband and spawn and will never go back. A con-junkie, proud alumnus of the Viable Paradise Workshop (VPX RULES!)and dedicated blogger, her debut novel, FINDER, was published by Hadley Rille Books in October, 2010.

She is also Queen of the Dollbabies, and has a crown to prove it--it lights up and everything.

Her motto: "Modesty is for suckers!" probably doesn't mean what you think it does.

Interests (54):

70s rock, 90s grunge, anything that would appeal to a teenage boy, book club, briar roses, bright moonlight, cats, chopped, classical, cold winter nights, conversations with my kids, cooking, cool breezes, cricketsong, crows, dave matthews, dinner with my love, equality, face off, fairies, fiction--just about anything, foreign coins, fresh cut grass, good music, halloweeeeeeen, hanging out with friends, indie-films, inspiration, justice, like epic movie and your highness., long, long stretches of silence, lotr, master chef, my bonfire pit, peanuts cartoons, playing with my cats, rain, reading, reading in my skychair, scifi/fantasy, seashells, sexy comedies that aren't too cheesy, snow, so you think you can dance, sting, summer nights, tangible and attainable notions, tattoos, the beach/ocean, thunderstorms, viable paradise (vpx), wind, writing--always writing.
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