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ChrisandWillChristmas kissy
Uncle Chris is letting me feed the koi.                          Mommy and daddy loooove me!

Mommy and Aunt Gracie love me too!                       What do you mean there are no more cookies?
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Christmas Eve cookie-baking yum.
And this is our Christmas tree. Note, there are no decorations William-height down. :)
ohchristmas tree
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The look of disbelief when faced with the empty juice cup is priceless.
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I'm at a friend's house, stealing her internet. Well, not stealing. I brought over a container of meatballs that thawed--I canNOT eat pasta even one more time this week!--and I'm charging up, checking email, and blowing back out again in the hopes that there's power back home. They tell us today is the day, 1:30. We'll see. If there is, I'll catch up with all of you then. Nice as it is to be warm and have internet and power, it's not HOME, you know. I just feel weird hanging out here, especially when there's things that need doing that aren't getting done while I'm here.

Here's a late Halloween treat for all you GrandWilliam followers.

huntsman and wolfKenney Fam
bigbadgrandwilliamtrick or treat

I just spent the last two hours trying to catch up on LJ. I TRIED!!! But I just can't get through all of your posts. I hate missing things, curious oyster that I am. I suppose I'll just have to pick up once there's power back. Forward, ho!
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I had to take my son to traffic court this morning. Well, here in little Litchfield County, CT, all the courts are ONE court. You go in, put your name on a sheet, and wait for them to call your name. Everything from public drunkenness and petty larceny to speeding tickets. There were enough people waiting there who had obviously spent their lives making bad decisions for my son to SEE the consequence of a lifetime of bad decisions. By the time we left, he was fifty bucks poorer, but a bit wiser. All in all, it was a good experience.

He's doing really well, by the way. Really well. Coming up on three months sober, looking into completing classes he took incompletes for last spring, and working at a daycare to see if he really wants to go into research science, or follow his heart and work with children. I have a feeling he's going to switch his major a little bit and become a high school science teacher. We'll see.

I had a William Weekend! It was such fun. We went down to NJ so his mama and dad could go to a friend's wedding. The hubs and I spent the day with my parents and Will. We took him to a farm where he got to feed goats and chickens--even if we had to keep reminding him the pellets and crackers were NOT William snacks--and see all the other animals. Then we went out for dinner before heading home for bathtime. After we played about half an hour, it was time for bed. He was so good! And so adorable. And even though I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, he REALLY loves me.

Yesterday was a day of leisure. Gorgeous fall day, some time with my honey, a quiet dinner, football (Jets lost but the Giants won!) Boardwalk Empire. Nice day.

It is Monday, yes it is, and that means there's a new post up over on Heroines of Fantasy. Guest author Melissa Mickelsen talks about her fabulous book, Nightingale. This is a dark one, folks. I loved it. And I loved meeting Melissa at ConQuest last May. A Hadley Rille Books sister, and talented writer. There's an excerpt up too.
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I couldn't WAIT for Monday!!! GrandWilliam's first haircut!

pictures! )
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Well, he will be on Monday, but I don't imagine he'll change dramatically between now and then.

pictures! )

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Hat Williamhat william 2
Look at that face!!!!
Chris and Williamangry William
Chris and William                                                            Angry William
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I can tell you what it is, but not what it says. My Publishers' Weekly review is posted!!! But for some reason, we've been unable to access it. I know the reviewer starts off calling it "gripping," but no idea what comes after that! AGONY AND WOE!!! I hope that I have something to share by the end of the day, and that it is happy-share, not commiserate-with-me share. :)

That will get its own post, so here I'm going to share a link to Heroines of Fantasy (as I do EVERY Monday!) wherein Karin Gastreich talks about NON-fantasy books that have inspired her writing life.

My launch was FABULOUS! I sold every book I had, and even had to dip into my private stock to provide extras. What a gas, eh?


And because it has been far too long:
sleepy boy

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We gave William a bath out in the yard. How cute is he???
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He "walked" in the Liberty Park (NY) March of Dimes Walk today with his mommy and daddy. Now he's all tuckered out.
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Does consternation qualify as a frown?
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I haven't posted a GrandWilliam pic since March! Forgive me for depriving you of his insane cuteness. To make it up to you, I give you...GINGERBABY!
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He's six months old, and sitting up all by himself!

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I don't know who's cuter--Will or Joshua.

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