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Second Draft of Finder: By the end of cutting and tweaking today, I'm down another 1097 words. If I keep up the cutting 1000 a day, I'll have the 30K shaved off in a month! But I WILL NOT BE OBSESSED WITH WORD COUNT! Even though it looks like I will be.

Uterine Wall Street Journal: Can I hope? Can I? So far, going on two weeks sans hormones and I'm not dead! Woohoo! Looks like either the Mirena is working, or whatever mischief my innards were up to has been made. I can't count this as a complete success yet, but every day makes it a more hopeful sort of hope.

Lastly: My baby's coming home tonight!
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Uterine Wall Street Journal: You thought it was kaput, huh? No, just on hiatus. Went off the birth control pills yesterday. I'm jittery. Achey. My legs feel like there are ants crawling around inside them. I can't seem to sit still. I want my hormones back!

Vacation: was awesome. I wish I were still spending my mornings in the surf with a book.

Writing: Nearly finished with the first draft of Finder. Hit the big climax today. All I have left to write is the falling action. I could have finished this week but it's been a little crazy. Almost no writing last week. This week getting Grace ready to move into her dorm left little time, but this is my job; once in a while, I actually have to DO it. :) It's over 150K words--needs trimming if I'm going to shop this one around. The story of my writing life!

Frank: is mending, but slowly. He can't deal with still being so weak and tired all the time. My poor guy, always so tough. This really knocked him a good one.

Kids still living at home: Grace leaves for college on Saturday, the boys start again on Monday. Scott is finishing up another music tour, this time the midwest, including someplace in Canada. The band actually MADE money for a change! More than gas money. Chris met a Russian girl while on vacation--she has one of those overseas summer-jobs for students. Why can't he EVER meet a girl close to home?

I feel the need to walk--maybe run. I really hate this feeling. I've not had it in a very long time. Hormones are crazy, mysterious little chemicals. I hope my system settles down soon.


Feb. 4th, 2009 08:56 am
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...has been achieved! YES! I still woke up at 2:30, and again at 4:00ish, but I went right back to sleep. First time in at least a couple of weeks that I've not prowled the house half the night. Bliss.

What did I do differently? I took a nap yesterday afternoon. In comments on yesterday's post, [ profile] orogeny  suggested that maybe my new treadmill routine has put me off a bit--she's very sensible, that [ profile] orogeny . I had to agree that she could well be right. The sleeplessness--a problem since around Christmas--has gotten MUCH worse since I started the treadmill. I don't really want to stop (even though I really DO!) Then I realized what else has changed since the treadmill: I no longer sleep my 15 minutes in the afternoons.

I saw a 'thing' once on sleep disorders, and in it the docs said that a 15-20 minute nap daily has all these health benefits; one of them being a better night's sleep. "Why not?" thought I! More than 15-20 minutes leaves one groggy. Less is better. I have a friend who actually closes the door to his office, puts up his feet and konks out for ten minutes every afternoon around 4:00.

I have done my power nap every day for years. At 2:15ish, I turn off the computer, go down to the couch and sleep until my daughter gets home around 2:30ish. With the new routine, I've stopped taking my nap to make up for some of the time I took away from writing. I guess maybe that was a bad idea, because since I stopped, my late-night wakefulness went from being once in a while to every night. So yesterday, I napped for 20 minutes. Last night I went to bed agitated, afraid I wouldn't sleep again. I slept. I SLEPT!!! Yes, I did wake up a couple of times, but I'm used to that. I don't know that I've EVER slept the night through. But, wow--I feel better.

I'm taking a nap today. Hopefully, the result will be the same.
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It's 4:46. I have been up since 2:30. This really, really sucks.

Edited later: I went back to bed around 5:30 and ZONKED; and then the phone rang at 7:54 and that was the end of that. If there's anything I hate more than not sleeping, it's the fucking phone.

So tired

Feb. 2nd, 2009 12:51 pm
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I don't think I've slept a full night since Christmas. I, who could always fall asleep at any time, in any place, cannot manage to get a six hour stretch without a tossing-and-turning bout of frustration somewhere around 2-3 every morning. It SUCKS!!! I hit about 1 every day and can bearly keep my eyes open, but I know if I sleep even for a little while, my chances of sleeping through the night go way down. This really is imbiggening. Pre-menopausal shit, I imagine. Blrgh.

On an up-note, I did wake this morning in the midst of a WWII/LOTR combo dream. I was in NYC, on my way to meet Aragorn (yes, Viggo) and Legolas (indeed, Orlando) at a Starbucks when I found myself diverted onto an aircraft carrier. They found me there, of course, and we watched the enemy boats fly down out of the sky to skim along the water, shooting as if we were in an air-fight instead of at sea. Aragorn put his arm around me and said, "We will fight with honor." And then I woke up.


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