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...and a new character is born. She did not exist until today; not in my head or in any notes. She...appeared, and I love her.

Damn, I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.


May. 18th, 2012 03:43 pm
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And only now do I realize I didn't NUF last week while in VAB. Ah, well--the beach and lots of chocolate cake will do that to a person.

Just a quicky today:
The Shadows One Walks is now at 10,375 words. So far--LOVE!
A Time Never Lived releases NEXT WEEK!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Beyond the Gate is with Kim, awaiting an "official" edit--did I say that already?

I'm doing a Goodreads Giveaway to celebrate the release of A Time Never Lived. I'll be giving away two signed copies of Finder, and two of A Time Never Lived. If you'd like to enter to win one or both, go here for ATNL and here for Finder. Click "enter to win a copy of this book." Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your dog! Ok, not the dog, but the cat might be interested.

The conversation over at Heroines of Fantasy continues, if you want to put your two cents in. :)

Last--I got this snippet in my head yesterday, and it won't leave me be, so I'm putting it here because that usually works to get rid of an earworm:
Time is a tiny hand in mine, growing, and slipping away.
There now. Let's see if it works.


Apr. 27th, 2012 03:54 pm
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I did not play editor after all this week. Next week, I hope. This week, after spinning my wheels in editorworld on Monday, I got to work on both The Shadows One Walks and Beyond the Gate.

First, TSOW: I forgot to get a word count, but I didn't add all that many since last week. I mostly did a bit of rearranging and tweaking. I go a little overboard on the first ten pages, tweaking and perfecting. It's just a me thing; I like to have a solid foundation to build the rest of my story on. Sometimes (ok, most times) that beginning gets moved or completely deleted. I know it seems like a waste of time to line edit stuff that's not going to stay--but it's not. In doing that kind of thing, I'm righting things in my mind. I'm starting threads that will weave in and out of the rest of the book. Anyway, I'm really pleased with the opening three chapters, and the order in which they appear. I think I've got the right foundation going. We'll see.

Second, BTG: Again, forgot to get that word count, but I did write ten pages of the new beginning. It's fabulous. AND, best of all, I am next to certain that by changing the beginning, I'm cutting a good 5K words more. This thing that started out at 199K, went down to 179K, down again to 144K, is going to be below 140K. Mark my words!

Third--the boy is doing very well. Really well. I won't even say, "We'll see!" or "one day at a time!" because such sentiments gives doubt something to latch onto. We'll have none of that, thank you. Right now, he's outside making a bow out of a hickory tree he cut down in the woods out back. Yes. A bow--that thing you shoot arrows from. He's always wanted to try. Now's his chance.

Fourth--I get to see my daughter, son-in-law and GrandWilliam tomorrow! Woohoo! Very excited.

Fifth--I leave for Virginia Beach and my Doll Baby Week of Writer Women at the Beach Week! I need it!

Sixth, and possibly best--my little girl comes home two weeks from Saturday. After four months in France, I imagine she's grown up a lot, but she is ALWAYS my little girl. I can't wait!

Have a splendid weekend, all!


Apr. 20th, 2012 02:29 pm
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I am blessed with amazing beta-readers: Erin Turbitt, and Tracy Dickens. They are my first line of defense, so to speak. They get the roughest version of anything I'm willing to share, and help me see it for what it is.

Last week, Tracy gave me feedback on Beyond the Gate that I couldn't quite wrap my head around. Last night, talking with Erin, showed me exactly what Tracy meant. The two of them have never met. I don't know if they've even conversed online! But between the two of them, they helped me to see exactly what was still bugging me about Beyond the Gate, and why I didn't feel comfortable turning it in to Eric and Kim just yet.

Now, I am. Well, I will be, once I tweak.

The fact that it's older work blinded me, while it helped them to really see those things I wasn't. I am so stoked right now, I can't even articulate it properly. I spent the morning mapping out what I still need to do. The process of seeing BTG's issues is now helping me to avoid the same in The Shadows One Walks.

I tend towards "running starts" as I call them, that in the end get cut or moved to several different places. Finder and A Time Never Lived open with some kind of action--hard openings, as opposed to soft. That's my style, but not my natural instinct. As both Tracy and Erin pointed out, Beyond the Gate was still opening soft. Coming after Finder and ATNL, that just wasn't going to wash. This shall be rectified in it, and in TSOW that, though I liked the opening, was once again opening soft. I'd been going back and forth between the first two chapters all week, trying to decide which actually was first. Last night's conversation and the resulting epiphany showed me that chapter one is actually chapter two, and vice versa.

The word count on The Shadows One Walks is 6700 words.

Next week promises to be a stressful one. My boy is supposed to be coming home. We are all scared and happy and nervous and SCARED! Did I mention scared? As a family, we will get through this. We WILL be successful. I cannot accept anything else. The last two days have been full of pain, both physical and mental, that have left me feeling a bit empowered, to be honest. As proof of that, I cut my hair! Yes, I cut it. It's still long, but the shortest layer tucks under my chin. I had a full six inches cut off places. It was an unruly, dried out mess and I was clinging to with both hands. That is never a good thing. So I let it go--good lesson for hair, in writing, and in life.

I'm exhausted, honestly. I feel like I've been wrestling demons all week! And I suppose I have been, of one kind or another. Right now, I'm taking my newly ordered printout of TSOW out to the skychair, and I'm going to read it straight through--rearranged as it is. And then maybe I'll take a nap before starting dinner. So there.

Take that, demons.
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[ profile] anabelgonzalez tagged me in a meme thingy. I thought--what the hell? I'm going to break the chain just a little and say if you're reading this and want to play along, feel free! No tagging involved. Feel free to post your seven lines here! I'd love to read them.
So, here it is:
The 7-7-7 Challenge:
Flip to page 77 or page 7 of your current WIP.
Find line 7.
Post the 7 sentences that follow.     

Here are mine, from The Shadows One Walks:

Startling upright, she saw nothing but the row of neat stucco buildings shuttered against daylight. Urns of flowers marked each one, like pretty girls waiting. Slipper Lane. Fraeda blushed. And then she saw him out of the corner of her eye, that glow marking him as new, yet his form more distinct than it had been the day before, when he joined her rank of ghosts.
“How is it you are here?” she asked. “It should have taken you days to get past the boundary of your death.”
“I didn’t like it there,” he told her.

He has more to say, but I suppose you'll have to wait for 2014 to find out. :-P
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I used WCF (word count Friday) while I wrote Beyond the Gate and Finder, then changed it to UFFDA (Update Friday for Dangerous Aliens) while revising Finder and writing A Time Never Lived. I feel like I need a new tag for The Shadows One Walks. So, from now on, Fridays are going to be NUF--novel update Friday.

Yeah, I know, not as fun as UFFDA, but...anyway. It's NUF. And today, The Shadows One Walks stands at 4,707 words. Cal's world has been devastated by a tempest, Fraeda has gathered a new ghost, (and apparently angered a few others,) and the captain of the Siren's Curse has been summoned. So far, so faboo.

My main, female protagonist (and really the center of the story) is Fraeda Kahvek. She earns her way in the world by gathering the last thoughts of the newly dead for anyone willing to pay for such a thing. Sometimes her patrons are looking for last thoughts of love, but they mostly want to know secrets the dead are keeping. She's a great character, but a very lonely one. Her rare skill scares people--understandable, considering. The more I write her, the more I love her.

Those of you who've read my stuff know I don't go into great detail when it comes to my characters. I don't do faces on my covers (though BTG might be an exception!) I give general hair and eye color, usually one distinctive quality to harken to when necessary, but other than that, I've always believed it's up to the reader to conjure an image of the character to their own specifications. That's just how I do things. Imagine my surprise, then, when I found Fraeda staring out at me from my computer screen.

This is almost exactly as I imagine her. In my mind, Fraeda's hair is a bit more gingery, but other than that, she's perfect.

I used to collect pictures of my characters to keep in a folder. It was how I "birthed" each one of them. I haven't done that in a long time, preferring to leave the image in my head. But this?? I just can't help it. This is HER!

Brief updates:
on the youngest boy--he's doing very well. We get to visit him on Sunday. 
on the youngest girl--she returned to school from a week in Paris, only to leave again for Marbella, Spain. Ah, the life. She's living it!
on GrandWilliam--he's adorable, and crawling, and pulling himself up, and standing with only one hand to balance him.
on life in general--these are good moments.

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...but this story needs to be written moment by moment. Whenever I try to peek too far into the future, it gets all fuzzy. I know my trajectory, and that's all my brain seems to want. But the scenes...they just keep coming. Whew!

I live by moments these days; I suppose it's only logical that my story does too.
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A productive week, though I'm still being kind to myself and taking things slow and easy. I started writing The Shadows One Walks without an outline. It just didn't want one at the start, though I knew it would need one eventually. I haven't pantsed it in EONS! It was fun, to be honest--walking that tightrope without a net. I have three main points of view working; each one wanted to say their piece--THEN I needed the outline. I spent most of today writing it. Still, I'm ending the week with 2,870 brand new words.

I haven't been able to lay claim to NEW words in months. Feels good.

I'm almost finished reading through the ARC of A Time Never Lived. Not too bad--so far only ten corrections to make. There will be more, I'm certain. I hope to finish the read through and get the corrections to Eric early next week.

No feedback on Beyond the Gate yet. Soon, I hope.

And that is UFFDA for this week. Tune in next week for more of the same. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! If Easter is your bag, have a good one!
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1002 words. The Shadows One Walks is born!


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