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Courtesy of orogeny. :)

VPX Squid

Dec. 30th, 2009 08:02 pm
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What you can't see is the paddle tentacle thingies that wrap in and out of all the seaweed. See the VPX?? It's bigger than it appears. The pic was taken at an angle.


Dec. 29th, 2009 09:35 pm
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The VPX tattoo has been inked! The squid and the VPX are in place. In a couple of weeks, we'll have some color. By Boskone--barring complications that I don't anticipate!--it will be finished.

I love it. It's exactly what I wanted. I'm STOKED!!! I can't wait to show you!!!

In writing news, I started the synopsis for Finder. I got about three paragraphs done. ALL DAY. Yeah, not working downstairs tomorrow. Up to the loft I will go! Headphones will be in use.

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If it worked, this is a rough line draw of the kraken (giant squid) that will incorporate my VPX tattoo. Woohoo! Soon! Before Boskone, for sure.
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Ok, VPXers, I'm going to see my tattoo guy on Thursday. I want to be able to give him some ideas about what we're looking for in lettering.

In emails, and on LJ comments, I think the consensus was that we should concentrate on all having the same lettering encompassed by whatever design (if any!) that 'speaks' to us. Me? I'm going for a kraken on my under-the-sea leg, the letters VPX made out of its tentacles--sort of. I'll leave that up to him.

So what kind of lettering are we looking for? Block? Ornate? Scripty? Calligraphy??

Leave your comments here. I will bring them all to him and when he's come up with something, I'll post it here.

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A notion has come up, and that notion is a VPX tattoo. The beautiful, talented, ever-so-brilliant [profile] orogenyafter much back and forth with the equally beautiful, talented and ever-so-brilliant [ profile] athenais, and an enthusiastic cheer from the spectacular [ profile] hirez, has asked if my tattoo guy might come up with a VPX tattoo that we could have done as a collective homage to that magical week and one another.

Aside from the four of us, is anyone else interested? I ask because I'm going to see my guy in a couple of weeks; I'd like to have an idea of what we're looking for so he can draw something up. What sort of lettering? Size? Any picture with it? A quill? A book? A keyboard? Color? Black and white? All that sort of thing. I'll post what he comes up with here.

What say you?

Edited in later, from a response to bmlg:

--with JRH's lighthouse idea, and your jellyfish idea, I am thinking more and more that it's the lettering that will be the binding force. The letters can indeed be incorporated into ANY design, but as long as they are the same in every design, they will create the bond we're going for. And in this way, the tattoo can be to everyone's individual style. As big, small, plain or elaborate as desired. AND, if the letters are what matters most, they can be adapted for any VP group that wants in on the tribeness of this.
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I found this in my in-box this morning, from a friend who has been reading Finder as I wrote it:

I finally got a clean copy of latest FINDER. Finished it yesterday. It's teriff, as Patty Duke used to say. (Remember the words to the show's opening song? ".....a hot dog makes her lose control...") When you started this novel you drove it like a well-maintained Chevy on surface roads but now you're effortlessly weaving a Porsche through traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway, if you take my meaning. May I have the rest please (at your convenience)? 

Now that is a nice way to start the writing day.

Yesterday was a fine day. I got some good work done on the second draft, cut out early to go out for lunch with my eldest son (in the pic). We went to his favorite Indian place. Wow--good stuff. The kind of food I imagine we'd get if we'd gone to the family's house for supper. Yummmm. Then we went to a matinee of District 9. I have tried to tell people why it's so good, but words fail me. I think you just have to see it. It was great in all ways--writing, acting, filming, technique. Just amazing. If you get a chance, see it; it's more than worth the effort.

After the matinee, sonny-boy went to class and I got some ink done on the outlining finished last spring. I now have color! Though I was loving the whole thing in black and gray. Everything else is in color, so...ya know. The color and shading is going to take probably through Christmas, maybe beyond. I am still contemplating a seagull along the lines of this:

on the under the sea leg, above the knee so it's like, above the waves. Not sure yet. I have my little owl above the outside of my  knee on the fairy tale side and I really love how it finishes it off. And yet...I'm not sure. I have a while to decide.

Now, off to the loft to pull more padding from my over-stuffed pillow of a manuscript!
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It's still a bad picture, but there it is! Thank you [ profile] jenwrites  and [ profile] athenais  for helping me. I'll get better at this. Now that I know I have this function, I'll be able to use it! Woohoo!

(From prior, now deleted post)
There it is--Jared sends this disclaimer: "It's a terrible pic, but it's all I got!"

It's black and white, but you get the detail there. Note the radish in the tower peak, and the rose in the chimney smoke, and the mirror curled into the leaf by the frog prince. The mouse's watch is set to 1:40--the hour of my illustrious birth.

Color will be had in a few weeks. I'll post a new pic then.


Dec. 15th, 2008 10:47 pm
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Ink has been accomplished. I am very happy. The frog prince and Rapunzel's tower, and a mouse holding a pocket watch is lined. He set the time on the pocket watch to 1:40--that's when I was born. :)  We'll color in a few weeks.

Every time I get a new bit, I wish it was 'in front.' I love the whole thing, but I really, really love this new bit. Aside from the frog and the tower, which are self explanatory, Rapunzel's tower has a radish in the peak of the roof (for Rapunzel) and smoke in the shape of a rose (from Beauty and the Beast) whiffling out of the chimney. There is also a mirror (snow white) curled into the leaves of the continuing beanstalk. The mouse is for the countless mice in so many fairy tales, but the pocket watch is from Alice. There will also be a playing card, an axe, a glass slipper (I decided to go with the more recognizable glass than the truer fur slipper) and a goose with a bonnet, because although Mother Goose isn't a fairy tale, there are lots of geese IN fairy tales...and I really love the goose wearing a bonnet that he did for me. There will be other elements, small and hidden in the leaves of the beanstalk that will bind the whole thing together. I am so addicted...I don't know what I'm going to do when this tattoo is done!

When it's done, there will be pictures.


Sep. 18th, 2008 02:53 pm
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This is what Puss looked like BEFORE the rash and the infection that turned him into the Elephant Puss.

puss1 by tattootales.

This is the rest of the 'Fairy Tale Leg' so far:
ftailmx by tattootales.
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Jack's beanstalk was inked last night. It is beyond fabulous. It holds up the open book I had done a few months ago, encircles Little Red and will fill in all the 'empty' spots when this new masterpiece is finished. 

Hidden within the leaves of the beanstalk are, thus far, the wolf, and an apple (Snow White) held in a witchy hand. The hand starts out as a leaf, then curls into a hand holding the apple. It's very cool. I didn't know he was going to work that in.  The wolf is just the head, peeking out from behind a patch of leaves. I cannot begin to tell you how truly AWESOME this is!!

In a few weeks, I'll have it colored. There was no way to do it all last night. We did a marathon 6 hour tattoo once (the mermaid) and even I-of-the-stalwart-manner had to admit it was too much. I was there from 5:30 until 9:30. Three of those hours were spent being inked with only one bathroom break. That's enough. Ya think?

Over the course of the remainder of this year, I'll add Puss'n'boots, the Frog Prince, and Archimedes (the owl my daughter designed.) Those will be smaller tattoos. The major bits of this one are the beanstalk and the book. Once all the elements are in place, we'll fill in with leaves and tendrils and stalk. I love this one , but the one we're working on now might just top it.
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Totally forgot! I started Little Red Riding Hood last week. Right now, she's just a black, shaded thing. (Yesterday, someone asked me if she's Darth Vader!)  Soon, she shall have her red hood! 

After Red is done, the Beanstalk and the Wolf go in. After that, the Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty's Apple, Archimedes (Once and Future King) and possibly (if there's room but I'm not too sure about that) Puss-in-Boots.

I have reasons for all these characters.



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