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It is a fact of the natural world. Same=Survival. This thought was sparked by the beautiful concern of a friend over the decidedly saddish posts in my LJ (hot dog comments and writing updates notwithstanding.;) )


I can't get that out of my head. Kids who are different get picked on. Animals--the same. Maintain the status quo. Toe the mark. Don't make yourself stand out from the herd or the lions will target you. It does make sense, in a very primitive way; it just doesn't seem right.

Is this the next step in our evolution? Coming to appreciate the beauty in the diverse? To not only tolerate it but to welcome it? Is it intelligence or an open mind that allows such a concept? Does one have to BE intelligent to have an open mind? I don't think so--because the opposite is too often true; I've known very intelligent people who are disgustingly closed-minded. Then again, their intelligence is usually so singular of purpose that it is almost useless.

It made me wonder about how comfortable I felt among the VPXers. We are all 'odd ducks' but we are all the same sort of 'odd.' So am I playing into the same school of thought that same=survival? Ah, what a circle jerk!


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