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Mar. 12th, 2007 08:16 am
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::Kitty news::
Despite my fear that my swollen-ear-kitty (Roxy) would hide for days after her brush with the vet, she has surprised me by becoming BOLDER! She's out and about, even when there are people in the house. It's as if she endured life's worst and came out alive and now she's braver for having done so. Huh--go figure. It is also ironic that the loveliest (by far-she's kittylicious)of my cats will now be deformed because of this ear thing. Ah, well--that which does not kill us...

I'm going to, as my son puts it, buy my next ticket to hell tonight--I'm having the bookish mermaid started. (Yes, my son thinks he's funny.) I'm very excited, though a little nervous. The canvas for this one is my shin--bony area!! I hope it isn't too ouchy. I don't know if I'm addicted to the art or the pain!

::Writing news::
Crunching that second chapter of book 2 today. I didn't get a handle on it last week and realized (d'oh!!) that I had this particular character in the wrong place. That's what happens when you get too excited about changing things--you sometimes try to change things that didn't need it!!! So, without the worry that my cat is going to die AND realizing my mistake, I'm pretty sure I can knock it out today.

I started this LJ thing partly because I was going to do that word count thingy that Bart posted in AW and then never got around to doing it. I haven't a clue what my word count is now!! Oh well--I'm writing daily. That has to count for something!

Anyone know how to drive a rat out?? It's just a little ol' river rat. I don't want to kill it. What good would it do? I live on a river, in the woods--killing one rat isn't going to do much. And I'm just too much of a softie to do it in, anyway. But it's burrowing under the concrete pad where the air handlers for the air conditioning sit outside and I really don't want it THAT close to my house. Four cats and I have to worry about the vermin!!! That's my reward for keeping them safely indoors. Harumph. Damn cats. Anyway--anyone know if moth balls or something along those lines will help???


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