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As you might remember, I'm also one of the fantasy editors with Hadley Rille Books. I took the position officially a year ago, and it's been amazing. CRAZY! But amazing. I've read slush, copyedited, and done my share of rejecting, but I've also had the honor and joy of accepting the manuscripts of, and working with, three really fantastic authors in 2011.

Mark Nelson's book, The Poets of Pevana, will be my very first solo edit. It launches in June--less than a month after A Time Never Lived! NOT the best planning on my part. All our edits, corrections, art, blurbs EVERYTHING were due with only a couple of weeks between them. Wearing both hats at the same time is not easy, but man! I was never bored. I also had my other two enthusiastic authors (and a fourth that I didn't technically start working with until 2012) sending me early edits while Mark and I were working on finals. November and December were insane months, but we got it all covered. My book is done and out to reviewers. Mark's will be the same within the next week or so. We got permission from the artist to post up preliminary art, so finally I get to share something that's been killing me to keep under wraps until now:

That's the wrap-around cover art. It's AMAZING! And now, for the blurb:

Chaos looms on the eve of the Summer Festival in the city of Pevana. After a year of burning temples and northern priests harassing folk in the cobbled squares, civil unrest threatens to disrupt the celebration. For Donari Avedun, Prince of Pevana and cousin to the king, it is not just a revel in ruins, but his city, his crown, perhaps even his life.

The light hand of his rule since succeeding his grandfather now faces challenge: Pevana’s wealthy merchant class works in concert with the reform-minded Lord Prelate of the King's Theology, Byrnard Casan, to prepare the means for war in the south. To do nothing ensures losing even the semblance of power; to act risks open rebellion Donari knows he cannot win.

But what Donari overhears during the duel of words in the poets’ competition shows him that life is not always about winning, but rather doing what one must, regardless of the consequences. 

Talyior Enmbron risks his life to speak out his love for the delectable but forbidden Demona, wife to the powerful Sevire Anargi. Devyn Ambrose voices protest over the forced erosion of his people’s faith, earning him the wrath of the Prelate himself. In their voices, Donari finds his courage and his plan. Both men knew the risks, and still they rolled the bones.

Donari can do no less.

Sparks fly in the collision of small lives and great plans, leading to flames that consume--

Everything but Hope.

I am REALLY excited about this book. Mark's and my style are extremely different, but strangely complimentary. We work well together, and I'm just as jazzed about working with him on the next book(s) in the series.

(Don't forget to check out Heroines of Fantasy for Jodi Meadows' guest blog post! It's...not scratchy!)


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