Dec. 7th, 2012 05:27 pm
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I am nearly done with my edit. So close I can taste it!!! The whole thing is coming out really great--even better than I expected. Mark seems quite pleased with himself. He tells me he did a happy-dance in class today, much to his students' amusement, when he got my gushy text telling him how amazing his last round of  revisions turned out. :)

The Shadows One Walks sits on my counter--all eighty-something pages of it--waiting to be read over. At this point, I've been away from it so long that I'm going to need a refresher. It was time to do that anyway, and I'm really looking forward to reacquainting with the story, the characters, the places.

Saturday--DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!!! Woohooo! I am so stoked. Going with my sister-from-another-mother, Julie Compton. I usually only get to see her once a  year, so this is a double-treat. I'll let you know how the concert was on Monday.

Happy Weekending, All!
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LJ is being wonky again. It lets me move about a little, then cuts me off with error messages. Sorry, friends! I will try again later. I'm hoping this posts, in fact.

Nothing really to report. Driving the licenseless boy around, editing my ass off, generally going a little nuts, but not in a bad way. I'm just LONGING to WRITE!!! But I know me, and I can't re-settle into it with stuff riding on my shoulders. So it's get this edit done, then I can be writer-Terri again.

Going to see GrandWilliam tomorrow! Can't wait. Have a great weekend, all!
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Thanksgiving was really wonderful. I got to spend time with my parents, my brother and his family, my daughter and her family (GRANDWILLIAM!) and ALL my biological kids were in the same place at the same time. My stepson couldn't make it this year--wah!--but the man works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When he's guarenteed a full day without an emergency IT issue calling him, I can't fault him for taking some alone-time.

Food was great--too much, as always--and the company was faboo. We headed home to watch the Jets get SPANKED by the Pats. Three touchdowns in less than a minute--two of them handed to the Pats on not a silver one, but a platinum platter encrusted in diamonds. Oh, Jets. We are once again Just Enough To Suck. Then, at eleven thirty, the madness crept in.

We went to the mall.

Yup, Midnight Madness happened at the mall last night. The doors opened at midnight to unbelievable sales. It was insane, but you know, it was great to see that many people out BUYING shit. I got my Black Friday Pandora charm.

black friday

I also got a pair of gold hoops I'd been after. AND! I got this:
crown2 Sparklicious!
crown3 I'm really bad taking self portraits.
crown5 By this try I was a bit crazed. :)
crown4 When I smile, my eyes vanish. Ah, well. I am so happy with my crown!

My Frankie bought it for me, because he said his Queen needed a crown. I am glad he knows this to be true. :)

NUF is going to be Not-NUF for a while. I have to finish Mark's edits, and then I have to start working on Beyond the Gate edits. Before I dive back into The Shadows One Walks, I have to read it from the beginning again. It's about time I do that anyway--get my ducks in a row. This one is a bit more complicated because while the first three books in the cycle are all stand-alone, reading The Shadows One Walks really needs the other three to work, and that means pulling together the threads built into the other three--daunting, but fun. I'm stoked. This will be the first time I do this sort of thing consciously. Hope it works!

Happy Weekending, all!


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