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...since I wrote anything in here. Being sucked into this as I was (I'm looking at YOU VPXers!) it has become something of a cathartic exercise for me. It's a good way to ease into the day, get those creative wigglies going, let go of the weekend tension; because in MY household, it is the weekend that is chaotic and exhausting, not the weekdays.
Most people hate Mondays. I love Mondays. Frankie goes to work, kids go to school and my house is once again silent but for the pattering of kitties at play, the train racketing by across the river and my fingers on the keyboard. I've come to love that soft click-clicking; like a wristwatch ticking or your baby's heartbeat. When I was little, it was the huuuummmmm of the air conditioner soothing away city sounds. Now it's cricketsong. But I digress.
Monday is the best day of the week. Whatever I left off with on Friday has had a couple of days to simmer. I hit the computer with more enthusiasm than I have any other day of the week. Today, especially, I'm stoked!!! I finished part one on Wednesday, edited all day on Thursday and keyed it all on in Friday. Of course, thanks to VPX, the second half of the book will be VASTLY different than the original version. Jim MacDonald was absolutely right. He told me that one of my characters was downplayed trememdously and that, in fact, he thought she was the key to the entire plot. Need I say more? Was his suggestion the seed that sprouted this new version? Or was it hiding in there the whole time and he could see what I was missing? Whichever it was, the story is now falling into place like ducklings in a row--except, of course, my ducklings have bat wings and scales and their beaks can cut through steel. That's fantasy for you. (g)
So, off I go--hi-ho, hi-ho. Kitties are batting fake mice around, house is silent and my fingers are ready.


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