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I love Mondays. Weekends here are so crazy. Company and everyone home and shopping and making sure the house doesn't come down around our ears. Whew--lotsa work. Monday comes, and I get to breathe, and get back to writing.

But first I catch up on LJ, which is what I'm doing now. The other thing I do on Monday is link to Heroines of Fantasy. Today, Kim Vandervort is up with her post about Birthdays--in life, and in fiction.

Now I shall finish reading what you all have to say today, and then--back to Beyond the Gate! Ah--the joy!
bogwitch64: (Krohe) of them being they all seem to think I'm the same person I was back then. I long ago admitted that I played a role in high school. I played the pretty little ditz without a coherent thought in my head. I played the role so well I actually believed it for a long time, until my mom unearthed some old report cards that proved I carried nearly straight 4s (A) in all my classes--the exception being any math class I happened to be taking. (Math was never my great love.) It made me remember that my teachers thought highly of me and my smarts, often chose me for more "elevated" assignments when my peers were doing the standard curriculum, and wrote a senior paper on Tolkien that my English teacher read aloud to all her classes for years afterward, as an example of what she expects from her students' senior papers.

Yeah, not so ditzy, eh?

Anyway, can't really blame my old friends for holding on to that ditzy image of me--to an extent. I mean, it's not like we've had NO contact. They know I have raised four children, wrote two + books; we correspond on Facebook and have seen one another at various gatherings over the years. I don't automatically see them as who they were anymore but they can't seem to--or don't want to--shake MY image.

This got brought to mind again over the weekend, in commenting on a Facebook post of one of these old friends. He posted up a pic of the place we used to hang out, Buttermilk Falls. I commented, "Is it insane that after all the times up there, this is the first time I'm actually SEEING the falls? Says things I REALLY don't want my kids hearing!"
To which my friend responded: "It's just a falls, Terri. Duh."

He apparently didn't read carefully, and more's the DUH to him, but the fact is, he expected a dumb answer from me, and not only did he expect it, he made sure to add the "duh" so I'd know he caught me being dumb. It's not just this person who does that. It's several of them--and when I think more carefully about it, the ones who still treat ME like the ditz I pretended to be in high school are the ones who are still most like who THEY were in high school. So...I guess I just figured that out, right there. Ah, the glories of having a place to do such things!

The weekend was grand, though we are all still hacking our brains out. This cold just won't quit. Now my younger son's glands are so swollen he looks like he has the mumps. I, myself, feel better, but going up and down the stairs is still a major workout for my lungs. I have to get back to the gym tomorrow. HAVE TO. But I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to do without leaving my lungs on the mat.

It's Monday, and that means a new post is up over on Heroines of Fantasy. Mark talks about play, and the importance of it in life and literature.
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Yup, got it. Sick, sick, sick. I don't get sick often. I have mutant powers of healing that only allow germs to skim the surface of my incredible immune system. Once in a while though--whew! Yeah, this is "once."

No clever quips from me today, but I do have a post up over at Heroines of Fantasy--The Not-So-Nice Girl. Thankfully, I got it done before being overrun by the enemy.

Wish me well, dear friends! I have too much going on to be sick! :)
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More holiday madness, and I'm hoping to squeak in some writing time before my daughter Jamie, Joshua and GrandWilliam arrive. Tomorrow, my niece and her fam are coming up "to the country" to play in the snow. Lots of cooking to do! I'm making my version of the "wicked rigatoni chicken" that I saw on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives last weekend. Oh, yum.

And, it is Monday, so that means a link to Heroiones of Fantasy. Today is your last chance to enter the four-book-ebook-bundle giveaway. We all have New Year wishes for you, so come on by and add a few of your own.

Glitter Text Maker
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Karin has outdone herself on Heroines of Fantasy. No, not Krampus. The Brother's Grimm! Their "Märchen" is 200 years old this year. If you have a creative moment or two, come on over and help us build a Grimmer fairy tale

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I did not have a Heroines of Fantasy link for you yesterday. Our own Kim, a teacher in a school in California held in lockdown for six hours last week because of a gunman loose on campus; the next day, the horror in Newtown--it is no wonder there was no link yesterday. I imagine this post was as hard for her to write as it was to read without tearing up.

The Ashes and the Phoenix
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No, I did not finish the edit. I tried, but--yeah. I knew eighty pages in a day was going to be more than I could do--but I dream big!

Dave Matthews Band was INSANE. First--naive me--I had no idea there would be THAT MUCH POT SMOKE hovering about. No, I did not get a second-hand-smoke high, but not for my fellow concert-goers lack of trying. The people in front of me, behind me, next to me on both sides--no one even attempted to be sly about it! Ha! My friends, husband and I were an island in a sea of tokers. It was pretty hilarious.

I will have pictures soon, and I'll do a full concert run-down then, but I will say this--Julie is a goddess! She got us all floor passes. I was close enough to Dave to see the sweat dripping off his face. Standing for three and a half hours was a bit grueling! But worth every foot-sore second. You've not heard the Dave Matthews Band unless you've heard them in concert. What you hear on the radio? Yeah, nothing like it. These are MUSICIANS. Just--wow. Gave me chills. Ending the show with Jimi Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower was like nothing you'll ever experience.

FREE BOOKS!  Mark Nelson is up on Heroines of Fantasy. This week--Winter, Reading, and Story. He has a few questions for you! And at the bottom of that post, read about our HoF giveaway. We're doing a four-ebook-bundle giveaway, and there are quite a few ways to win them. The more you enter, the more chances you get to win. So go on over and check it out. I'll put up a few reminders over the next month. The giveaway ends in January.

Last, but not least--a fun thing Eric did up this weekend. Seven years of HRB in two minutes! Might see a familiar face or two in there.
Enjoy! :)
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A friend posted this up on Facebook today. It is not only a great 'after Nano' article, but a great one to consult with any novel draft you might be questioning.
How to Tell if the First Draft is Worth Salvaging

Good stuff, there.

I'm up on Heroines of Fantasy this week with a look at Winter Traditions. A little break from the regular readerly/writerly fare over there, but it's a time of year traditions run deep for most of us. I'm still a curious oyster at heart. I'd love to know about yours.
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Egads! I feel like I've been off LJ forever. Four days is forever in blogland, but it couldn't be helped. It was a four day weekend of Thanksgiving and Midnight Madness and Black Friday and putting up lights and visiting my sister and kids and kids and kids. Whew! Then when I came on LJ this morning, I kept getting the "cannot be found" error page.

Now it's 2:00, I still have work to do, and I must get to the gym. AND! It's my and my husband's 24th anniversary! Yep--one more year until the grand SILVER wedding anniversary. It doesn't feel like 24 years, and yet, it feels like we've been together since the dawn of time. Tonight, out for dinner at our favorite place, then home to watch a movie or whatnot. NO Monday Night Football! He's promised! No one good* is playing anyway, so it's not a death sentence for him.

*No insult intended to anyone's team. Just not teams he follows religiously.

Two quick links:
Mark Nelson (Poets of Pevana) is up on Lawrence Schoen's Eating Authors, wherein he talks about how great Italians are. :) Well, that's what I got out of it anyway. Heheeee!

And, as it IS Monday, there's a new post up on Heroines of Fantasy. New Hadley Rille Book Author, Julia Dvorin talks about "The Chosen One" and why it is still a valid concept in fantasy fiction.
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And not in a good way, like some roving Prince Charming came swooping into my boudoir. No, nope, nein, nicht, nyete--it was the cybersort of fucked. A file corrupted. One. Singl. File. On my flash-drive. Can you guess which one it was? No, not The Shadows One Walks. I have that backed up in several locations, and I have a printout. No, it was the edit I've been feverishly working on for two solid weeks. Why did you not back up, you ask? Well, good friends, I DID back up, but I did not know that the file got corrupted, and I backed IT up to the hard-drive of my laptop.

I only found out it died when I tried to open it again and it would not navigate, would not show all my comment bubbles, and when I attempted to navigate, I got that white-frozen-screen and it would not budge. Thankfully, the edits I made to the actual manuscript were still there, and I was able to print that without opening the file at all--but no comment bubbles. And it wouldn't copy or paste or anything to a new file. I freaked. I would have to key all the changes into a new file, and recreate all my comments. TWO WEEKS WORTH OF WORK--GONE!

All ended well. After about an hour of frustrated frenzy, I called Eric. He told me to send him the file and he'd see what he could do. Two hours later, he somehow--magically, as far as I'm concerned--found a way to save and resave the file COMPLETE WITH COMMENT BUBBLES! Twenty-eight years in IT might have been hell for him, but it saved my ass yesterday. He is, once again, my hero, and has, once again, earned the undying love I bear him. And the special treat I was making him anyway, but now gets to be reward for his efforts.

This just goes to show me that backing up isn't enough. From now on, I'm going to email myself the day's work every day. I know there are programs and storage sites and such, but emailing works. If I'd been doing that, I might have lost the weekend's work, but I wouldn't have potentially lost two weeks worth.


It's Monday, and that means there's a new post up on Heroines of Fantasy. Why I Wrote Searching for Slave Leia  Last March, Sandra McDonald guest blogged for us, and that blog post sparked a story that sold to Lightspeed who is now sharing it with io9, and we at HoF could not be any prouder.

And speaking of HoF-inspired things, Karin has a guest up on her Eolyn blog inspired by our "women's roles" posts: The Role of Wife in Storytelling
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I wore them out to dinner on Saturday night, paired with a slightly sparkly gold-lace dress (fringed bottom!) and a black jacket. Oooh, baby--but I did sparkle! It was fabulous. Sometimes, a lady can't have enough glitter.

Editor-hat week, and I have to get to work! But it's Monday, and that means there's a new post up on Heroines of Fantasy. Mark Nelson's up this week, lamenting the demise of absolute evil. :)
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First, the fun, forgotten word of the day:

drawky: of pertaining to the weather; rainy, drizzly.

I am wondering if my flisters in England, Wales, and Ireland still use this word.

Second--an editor's pride. My second stab as official editor was for Heather McDougal's novel, Songs for a Machine Age. I'm not afraid to say that Heather and I butted heads now and again, because most of the time, we worked well together. Skype is a tool no writing team should be without! Heather is immensely creative in so many ways, and the story she tells over in Heroines of Fantasy this week is one I'd not heard the entirety of. It does not surprise me that she has dabbled in robotics along with everything else!

Songs for a Machine Age releases this month. If you'd like a sneak peek, head on over to Heroines of Fantasy and take one.
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Last year, the Northeast was slammed with a blizzard that kept this bogwitch out of power for ten full days. This year, a hurricane. Ah, me--I will hope I'm not without power that long again, but at leas this year, we're a little more prepared. Last year, I was in California when the blizzard hit, and came home to piles of snow, freaked out sons, and no power. This year, the tub is full, and there are eight spackle pails and two huge garbage barrels full of water (for flushing!) out in the garage. I do wish we'd gotten the generator back-up we SWORE we were getting after being out of power so long last year, but--we did not.

But there is some good news today. If you've not noticed, I haven't been as sparkly lately. The site where I got my sparkles let the domain lapse or something, and I've been unable to find another site that works for me. Thanks to [ profile] sallymn I found some that work.

Glitter Text Maker

Well, it is Monday and you know what that means--there's a new post up over on Heroines of Fantasy. A guest appearance by author, Tessa Gratton
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I had to take my son to traffic court this morning. Well, here in little Litchfield County, CT, all the courts are ONE court. You go in, put your name on a sheet, and wait for them to call your name. Everything from public drunkenness and petty larceny to speeding tickets. There were enough people waiting there who had obviously spent their lives making bad decisions for my son to SEE the consequence of a lifetime of bad decisions. By the time we left, he was fifty bucks poorer, but a bit wiser. All in all, it was a good experience.

He's doing really well, by the way. Really well. Coming up on three months sober, looking into completing classes he took incompletes for last spring, and working at a daycare to see if he really wants to go into research science, or follow his heart and work with children. I have a feeling he's going to switch his major a little bit and become a high school science teacher. We'll see.

I had a William Weekend! It was such fun. We went down to NJ so his mama and dad could go to a friend's wedding. The hubs and I spent the day with my parents and Will. We took him to a farm where he got to feed goats and chickens--even if we had to keep reminding him the pellets and crackers were NOT William snacks--and see all the other animals. Then we went out for dinner before heading home for bathtime. After we played about half an hour, it was time for bed. He was so good! And so adorable. And even though I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, he REALLY loves me.

Yesterday was a day of leisure. Gorgeous fall day, some time with my honey, a quiet dinner, football (Jets lost but the Giants won!) Boardwalk Empire. Nice day.

It is Monday, yes it is, and that means there's a new post up over on Heroines of Fantasy. Guest author Melissa Mickelsen talks about her fabulous book, Nightingale. This is a dark one, folks. I loved it. And I loved meeting Melissa at ConQuest last May. A Hadley Rille Books sister, and talented writer. There's an excerpt up too.
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I'm up on Heroines of Fantasy, and since it's Halloween-time, I decided to post up the flash piece I did here on LJ a couple of years back. Some of you have seen it. Many of you haven't. One way or t'other, here it is again. I hope you like it!

The Other Side of the Screen Door
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...why does my favorite couple of months in the year have to come with allergies?? I want to stick my head in a bowl of ice and leave it there all day. Actually, that's exactly what I don't want to do, but I probably should. Ah, well--I can see a little bit through the gummy slits of my eyes, and once in a while I stop sneezing long enough to type, so I suppose I'll get some work done after all. Today--editor hat is firmly in place. With any luck, I will finish this edit today and get back to work on TSOW tomorrow.

To cheer myself up after a night of no sleep and a morning full of sneezles, I clicked through some of my reviews. Ah, how a stroked ego makes the itch more tolerable!

"...A Time Never Lived has everything a good epic fantasy should have...DeFino’s world is credible, well-built, and well thought out. It has the wonderful and all-too-rare qualities of several ecosystems, multiple cultures and languages, and a coherent series of shared myths across-cultures that makes the backstory have real depth..."

Sigh...that was a little piece of the one from Abyss and Apex last July. The shared myths I built into the backstory--the reviewer GOT IT! I was so afraid no one would. If you've read A Time Never Lived (or Finder!) leave me a review on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads. I've not done nearly as much soliciting of such things or marketing for this book that, by what I'm told, is even better than Finder. Between family life and the editing gig, I just don't have time! But that can't be an excuse. I have to make time as a writer, too, right?

And that reminds me of a decision I came to this past weekend--I want to do more on LJ than vent about my family and post links and comment on your pages. I used to post about the writing experience at least once a week. It's what we (mostly) ARE! It's what I should be sharing, what I WANT to be sharing. So--on Wednesday, there will be a post from the writer or editor's desk; and I already have something in mind.

It is Monday, however, and so I must point any of you who got this far in the direction of Heroines Of Fantasy. Karin is up with a chilling glimpse into October: The Eternal Return of the Vampire.

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Not every Monday comes with a faboo Publisher's Weekly review for my second edit with Hadley Rille Books: Heather McDougal's, Songs for a Machine Age. I'm thrilled for Heather! And thrilled for me. It's like having one of your kids star in the school play, or win the science fair or whatnot--it's Heather's story, her glory, but I get to bask all the same. Off on the sidelines, of course.

"A large cast of characters and complex world-building fuel the intrigue and action in this intricately plotted fantasy."

Being Monday, there's a new post up on Heroines of Fantasy. Mine! Location, location, location,,, Where we set our stories dictate the details. Come and share your opinion with me. Or prove me wrong. I always welcome the opportunity to see things from a different angle.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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It was a long, lazy, lovely weekend here in Connecticut. I love this time of year. Even when it rains, it's glorious. It poured on and off all day Saturday. Sunday gave us a blue sky and sunshine and cooler temps. This weekend, all was right with the world. I'll take that whenever I can get it.

And now it is Monday. The weather is once again glorious. I am at my desk, ready to dive back into my world of a pirate ship that rides above the waves, a woman who hangs out with ghosts, and a young man being transformed by a stone. But first, that cornucopia I mentioned there in the heading.

First we have an amazing post by our own Clinton Harris ([ profile] wendigomountain), inspired by the Inspiration Notebook I blogged about last week: The Writer's Notebook 

Next, Mark Nelson's first post is up on Heroines of Fantasy. The Tavern: Just a Trope or Something More Good stuff there. For those of you who never tire of talking Tolkien, it's a must.

On that same vein, to celebrate Heroine of Fantasy's first year in the blogosphere, Hadley Rille Books is sponsoring a SALE! All our books--Finder, A Time Never Lived, Poets of Pevana, Song and the Sorceress, Northern Queen, and Eolyn--are available on Nook and Kindle for only 99 cents! I'm not sure how long it will last; Amazon and B&N tend to be strange about such things. Get them while the getting's good!
Finder Kindle
Finder Nook
A Time Never Lived Kindle
A Time Never Lived Nook
Lastly, but most importantly--This link is dearest to my heart today. My darling Claire Suzanne Elizabeth Cooney ([ profile] csecooney) wrote a me a poem. It made me cry, and it thrilled me to no end. With her permission, I link you here: Bog Witch
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Kind of eclectic bag of treats today, but, first up:
This month happens to be Heroines Of Fantasy's birthday month. We're a year old now, and celebrated by inviting a new author to join our small coven of Heroines. Come on over and see who it is, leave us a birthday wish, and stay tuned for some great stuff coming down the pike.
Happy Birthday Heroines of Fantasy!

Second on the list of things that make a post:
Many years ago, in another life, I had a car. A Mercury Comet Caliente--1965. I loved that car. My late husband loved that car. It was mint, complete with a pristine white leather interior. It needed some body work, but nothing horrendous. My late husband's paternal side of the family are car-people. The lot of them collect, restore and show cars. This was to be OUR show car. Unfortunately, Brian died before we ever got to restoring the Comet. My father-in-law did it for me after his son's death. Gads, the car was glorious--but unreliable. I couldn't drive it in the rain. The spark-plugs would get wet, the car would turn off, and wouldn't start again until they dried off. Sometimes the gas pedal stuck. Forget about driving in the snow. When I married Frank we decided it really wasn't a good family car. I didn't want to part with it! I loved it so much. Thankfully, so did my brother-in-law: Brian's brother, Tom.

He has taken care of that car like it was his child, and showed it many times over the years, in memory of his brother. Brian's last paycheck stub still sits in the glove box, where I put it all those years ago. OUR Comet has earned many awards over the years. Want to see?

1965 Mercury Comet Caliente )
Last up:
GrandWilliam is officially a year old! We had a marvelous day, yesterday. Out in the yard all day, family, friends--all my kids home at the same time!!! I finished it off last night by sitting beside a fire out back, all by myself, listening to the crickets and the owls. Peace. The perfect end to a perfect day.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy!
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I'm up over on Heroines of Fantasy. Summer is over and gone, over and gone. I get a bit melancholy this time of year. Come share some fond summer memories with me, Karin, and Kim.


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