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Yup--the picture kind of says all you need to know about the personal side of who I am. Professionally, I am an author, and a fantasy editor with Hadley Rille Books since January 2011.

My critically acclaimed debut novel, Finder, was published in November 2010 by Hadley Rille Books. What? You don't think it was critically acclaimed? Well here's my proof:

"...DeFino’s first novel creates an exotic desert environment as a backdrop to the story of a young man’s coming-of-age and a young woman’s search for the only family she has left. VERDICT Compelling characters and a fascinating world background make this a good addition to most fantasy collections." ~Library Journal

To see the whole review, you can go here: Library Journal Review
Amazon Reviews 
Goodreads reviews
And if you'd like to read a sample chapter of Finder <--there you go.

Feel free to wander about, see what's up. If you get bored here, head on over to the blog sisters-in-Hadley Rille Books and I put up, Heroines of Fantasy  where we have all sorts of interesting guests.

Newly released (May 2012) A Time Never Lived 

Publishers' Weekly says: A Time Never Lived Terri-Lynne DeFino Hadley Rille (Ingram, dist.), $28 (358p) ISBN 978-0-98496-702-5 This gripping sequel to 2010's Finder brings family drama and magical legend to life. When the psychic Finder Ethen and his beloved Zihariel disappear during their search for the lost Spice Way across the Iabba Desert, the focus shifts to Ethen's son, Victorio, whose Finding talent appears to have failed, and whose relationship with the mercurial Cesilee has grown strained in the wake of her affair with artifact-hunter Sulman "Sully" Kahvek. After a fiery vision of a burning landscape, Victorio, fearing for his father, sets out in pursuit of Ethen, with Cesilee and lonely nobleman Lord Dorquin Shiel in tow. Joined as well by the treasure-seeking Sully and the mysterious Myrie Raleven, Victorio's party begins a dangerous quest across a magnificently-depicted multicultural fantasy world for the legendary city of Valadur. This is a memorable saga of supernatural power and human love from the increasingly impressive DeFino. (May)
All my books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-million, and just about any local or indie bookstore near you (if you ask nicely.)

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ConQuest was outstanding. I got to see old friends, meet some I've never met in the flesh, hugged many of them, had dinner with all of them (and lunch and breakfast.) It was like being in a dorm with all your best buds. And I got to be QUEEN! Sparkle Queen, book queen, queen of the world. At least, that's how I felt. Eric, Lisa (our publicist/PR maven), Karin and Eric's whole family not only crowned me (really--I got a crown!) but planned for months to make it the weekend it was.

There is more to come, but it's going to take me at least today to gather my thoughts--and swipe pics from the internet, because I had only my cell phone camera. From the signing on Friday to saying good-bye to everyone on Sunday afternoon, it was festival time in Kansas City; for us at least.

A couple of quick links today:
Our guest blogger on Heroines of Fantasy this week is the venerable Dr. Debra Doyle. The Players on the Other Side takes a funny and fantastic look at what makes a really great villain. Debra was one of my instructors at VP--wise, wise woman in more ways than I have room to list here. Read what she has to say, and never create another flat villain.

Speaking of Viable Paradise, time is running out! Submissions close on June 15th. This year's instructors are Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Steven Gould, Steven Brust, Sherwood Smith, Elizabeth Bear, James Macdonald, and none other than Dr. Doyle herself. If you're stalling--DON'T! If you've the means to go--do. It'll change your life.

My soul sister, Diana, put up my book trailer and an excerpt of ATNL up on her blog--The Write Catch. Go on over and read the opening chapter! 

My giveaway is still going strong! Woohoo! 292 signed up to win ATNL at the moment, and 210 for Finder. If you want a shot at either of them, both are still open over at Goodreads: A Time Never Lived and Finder

And lastly--looky dis! A Time Never Lived is up on Amazon. It says "out of stock" but that just means they haven't gotten their supply of books yet. And at Barnes & Noble Woohoo! Never gets old.

Thanks for all the well-wishes before I left! I am happy I left the computer home. I wouldn't have had time to check it--but it was nice to see all that when I got home. More later!
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At least, that's the plan. I just made my iced tea. While it's brewing I'm checking LJ. Then I'm going upstairs to start writing my new book. By the gods of Olympus, I will have a "normal" day!

My son is doing well. He's responding to the program, and is making some friends. Big, beautiful and charming as he is, he has never had many of those. Getting cut out of socialization at fifteen didn't do good things for his confidence or his social skills. That's part of what he's learning while he's away; maybe the most important part.

Life is quiet here right now. The oldest daughter out in her own life, the youngest in France, only our older son remains in the house. He's just thrilled with all the attention we're giving his life at the moment, having no one else to focus on. ;) Seriously, life is quiet just now. I don't know if I'll be able to say that next week, or even tomorrow, but--moment by moment. That's all I have to give it.

A few links:
Heroines of Fantasy: wherein I extol the magic that is Viable Paradise Workshop.
Finder for 99 cents on Amazon
Finder for 99 cents on B&N

The sale started on Saturday, and goes through today (though you never know!) Most of Hadley Rille's books are on sale for the April Fool's Day price of 99 cents. Get them while the getting's good!

For the hugs, the songs, the poems, the general love and support you've given me over the last few weeks. It truly means the world to me.
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Remember the Indie-Love Christmas contest I entered? I won! Woohoo! Three months of advertising on the site. Very exciting. Thank you for voting for me!! It means more to me that you DID than winning does. Seriously. I am humbled.

Humility is NOT the same thing as modesty, so my motto stays intact. :)

If you've not gone over to Heroines of Fantasy, GO! The conversation is great and maybe a smidge controversial. You know you want in on it.

The mock up for my cover is all finished! I love it. ARC, here we come!

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Go to the Adopt-an-Indie website and like me! It would only take a moment, and you might even win a $25 gift certificate on Amazon! Wow...three months of free advertising. How cool would that be?

So would you mind clicking over. Please? Thank you? Yay?

(To enter yourself in for the gift certificate, you have to leave a comment so they have your email addy!)
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Between now and November 29th, to celebrate Hadley Rille Books' sixth anniversary, Finder, as well as many other HRB titles, are being offered on Kindle and Nook for $0.99. Yes, that's NINETY-NINE CENTS!

Get them while the getting's good!
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I'm pretty certain that those on my flist who want Finder already have Finder, but it is now available on Kindle for only $2.99! Now
that, folks, is a bargain. I'm not sure how long the superlow price is going to last, so if you want it, grab it.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my release date. A whole year. It's been insane and fun and busy.

Happy Anniversary, Ethen and Zihariel and all the rest! I love you as much now as I did when you were first conjured up!
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Does anyone say that anymore? I always liked that expression.

If you read Finder, how's about you rate or review it over on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or Barnes & Noble. I hope you liked it, but even if you didn't, please feel free to say so. Modesty may be for suckers, but my ego can take getting less than five stars. I swear.

I'm not sure how this helps me or my book, but I've been assured it does. If you can and wish to, thanks! If you can't or don't wish to, no worries.
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It seems Finder is to be a featured summer reading book with a local high school. I was asked a while back if I was interested in participating, having the kids read my book then doing a "Starbucks with the author"  thing at the end of the summer, but I didn't really hear more than a casual mention after that. This morning, the school contacted me to see about getting books to have on hand for the students, and to ask about a date for the coffee with the author thing.


Still, I won't count on anything until I'm standing in that Starbucks signing books, but--  

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I'm crowing. I know, I know, but I can't help it. Hmmm...I guess I can, but I really don't want to.

Finder is now listed in SEVENTY library systems! SEVENTY!!!! Actually, my library still doesn't show up, so technically...yeah, whatever.   


It's not the hundreds and hundreds of a BIG press book, but this makes me very happy.
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What do Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Jim Hines, NK Jemisin, China Melville and I have in common? We're all up on Erin Underwood's Free Fiction Sampler in Underwords!

There is a whole buncn of great fiction up for the offering--sample chapters of some big names (like them) and not so big names (like me!) If you've not read Finder yet, and want to get a small smakerel of it, go on over and click on the link. While you're there, check out some of the other authors' works up for the offering. Great stuff. I bought Kraken last fall and it's been on my TBR pile ever since. After reading the sample up there, it's moved further to the top! Like--NEXT!
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I've been having problems with LJ recently. First, the no notifications thing, then, an error page that came up every time I tried to click in to see what's happening. Imagine my happy surprise to find this lovely review of Finder by [livejournal.com profile] clarionj  during one of those times LJ cooperated.

The best part of this review is that it shows I accomplished what I set out to do. At least for this reader. It makes me very proud and happy and ever-so-grateful. She posted it up at Amazon as well, and that's VERY cool. Woohoo! Five reviews! :) Hey, I'm grateful for every one of them.


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Here it is! It's a terrible pic taken with my cell phone, but in the wild on the shelf of my public library. Yay! I went in on Saturday to attend a Writer's Support Group Coffeehouse reading. I figured I can't complain about never having any writerly things going on in this town if when there is one, I don't go. So I went. And I got two speaking gigs out of it. Cool! One at the library, one with a writing group.

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I've discovered that not only can I see what libraries carry Finder, but I can see if they've been CHECKED OUT! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Danger! Danger! Down that path, there be dragons! And not the good kind; the kind that will rip your brain out of your head and eat it while you watch.


I clicked on a few, and those I clicked on said it was OUT. That's good enough for me! I refuse to click on them all. I don't want my brain eaten, thank you. The only one I'm going to check on is my own library, because I do want to take a pic of it, and there's no sense going in if the book is out.

I've been ruminating a post about small press love since last week, but Chris' accident has had me a bit...scattered. All is well, no worries; it is simply that I have been designated taxi to and from doc visits, school, work. It has been a looooooooong time since this was my every day. I'll tell you, it's making me a bit pissy! I just keep reminding myself that it could be much, much worse.

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Pic courtesy of[livejournal.com profile] msstacy13  **. Woohoo! (I have a bunch but I don't know how to make them smaller, and for some reason, LJ wouldn't let me put them under the cut, so I give you...  

 **Stacy's Info

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Finder is available in more libraries! I don't know if they're just not showing up on worldcat.org yet, or if they're not part of that system or what, but apparently MY PUBLIC LIBRARY has a copy of wildFinder in house! Woohoo! Now I have to go to the library (hoping it has been checked out and there is a long line of readers waiting for it) to snap a pic of it in the wild!

I hope it's not feeding when I go. Bleh---what do wild books eat, anyway?
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First, thank you all for your beautiful love and support yesterday. Chris is up and around, sore but fine. He has an appointment with a neurologist on Wednesday to check into this blackout--whatever it was. He can't drive for a while. No car AND no license*--but he doesn't want to anyway. We certainly don't want him driving until we know what's going on.

Second--part of my UFFDA post yesterday was going to announce that Finder is now listed in 23 libraries in the US! It started showing up sometime in January, and every day gets listed in one or two more. As of Thursday, the number totaled 23. This makes me all sorts of happy. I'm hoping that number keeps rising. For some reason, the midwest LOVES Hadley Rille Books. The middle states and California hold the bulk of all the books HRB have in libraries. That says something--I don't know what! But it must, right? ;)

Here are the states giving Finder a teensy shelf-home:
(Unless otherwise marked, it's ONE Library carrying it.)

Nebraska (2), Oklahoma, Missouri (2), Minnesota, Washington (2), Illinois (4), California, Oregon, Indiana (2), Kentucky, Ohio (2), Pennsylvania, Florida (3)

So if you're a library-goer, and you happen to live in one of those states, in one of the cities giving Finder an eensy shelf-home, snap a pic for me! I'd love to see a copy out in the wild. :)

*--though I'm told by my lawer father that it wasn't legal for them to suspend his license on the spot. They can confiscate it pending investigation, but it's up to a court and/or DMV to suspend the license. We're checking into that too.
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My fabulous friend, Angela, took some amazing photos at my launch party back in November. I posted up a few back then, but she just put a few more up on her photography blog if you want to see them.
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Over at Tracy Morris' blog. How cool is that?

I know, I know...I started today saying I'm tooting someone ELSE'S horn for a change, but I didn't know this was going to be there! Besides, I tooted. That has to count for something, right?

Are you laughing at the fart humor again? Really!

Thanks, Tracy!

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I...I...I...just read:

DeFino, Terri-Lynne. Finder. Hadley Rille. Dec. 2010. c.344p. ISBN 9780982946732. $28.95; pap. ISBN 9780982946725. $15.95. FANTASY
As a Finder, Ethen is able to locate missing things and people. Hired to track down a musically gifted slave girl named Zihariel, Ethen undertakes a journey that leads him first to his target and then to the realization that some things must not be found. DeFino’s first novel creates an exotic desert environment as a backdrop to the story of a young man’s coming-of-age and a young woman’s search for the only family she has left. VERDICT Compelling characters and a fascinating world background make this a good addition to most fantasy collections.


You can go here and scroll down a bit to read it on the ACTUAL page. And if you scroll down a bit more, you'll find another faboo review for brother in HRB, Chris McKitterick's Transcendence.


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