Aug. 24th, 2012 05:08 pm
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Well, well, well, will you looky that! I actually got some writing done this week! Two whole chapters on The Shadows One Walks. She now clocks in at 38,619 words. Feels GOOD to be able to make that report. Woohoo!

Thank you all for the love. Yesterday was so hard, but I knew it was right the moment I made the decision to let Lucy go. Her liver was pretty much done working. Her skin was so yellow, her black ears looked green. I spent her last hour holding her in my lap, petting her and telling her what a good cat she is. My husband came home early so I wouldn't have to take her to the vet on my own--though my daughter would have come with me if he hadn't. We petted her and we cried. She was so very, very done with this life. The sedative alone nearly did her in.

We brought her home and buried her with Sasafras and Hero in the little kitty-graveyard out back. Teeny-tiny Lucy, the black cat I always wanted. There will never be another one like her.

On "the boy" front--he's doing well. More than that, I dare not say. There might be stray fates or furies listening in, just waiting to pounce on me.


Aug. 23rd, 2012 04:57 pm
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She's gone. :(
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I didn't post yesterday, but I did read and respond through LJ. Yay!

Before things get a little dark in here, let me announce that Karin Gastreich's up on Heroines of Fantasy, with an audio exerpt of the second book in her Eolyn series, High Maga. It's always a treat to hear Karin read. She's got mad skillz, yo.

Now for that darker matter--no, not my boy. Right now, he's doing ok. Still on the wagon. Still determined to stay there. I honestly don't have it in me to delve any deeper than that for the moment. No, this time it's my little cat, Lucy. We've known there is something "wrong" with her most of her life, but without exhaustive, painful tests, there's no saying what it is. Of all the things it can possibly be, none of them are cureable, only treatable until the treatments stop working.

It looks like they've stopped working.

Never more than a shade over six pounds, she's about four pounds now. She can't seem to keep food down. She runs sideways and kind of spazzes out--minor seizures or something--now and again. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, still comes out for treats, goes outside to sit in the sunshine; but when she lays down, she's a puddle of fur and bones. There's not enough padding on her paws for her claws to retract into, so she gets stuck on things. I don't want to cut her days short, but neither do I want to let it get to the point that she's in pain. I've had to watch two cats linger in pain over weekends when there were no vet hours to let them go gently into that deep dark. To keep her around a few extra days just seems...I don't know...inhuman. But there is this huge "what if" I can't seem to let go of.

What if she has more time in her than I think she does?

 She's only eight. We didn't expect her to live this long. Is it selfish to want to keep her a little while longer? Is it selfish to spare myself her decline? I hate being faced with this decision, yet again. With Sasafras (who was 18) and Hero (who had cancer) there was no other choice to make. But with Lucy? I want to let her go. I want to hold on to her. I just don't know what to do.
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And as always, life is crazy here. I'm hoping to get a good post in tomorrow, but I wanted to put a couple of things up here. First and foremost--Sandra McDonald is up on Heroines of Fantasy. Sensible Clothing for Heroines. Kim's post last week got our guest thinking, and that's always a good thing. Another perspective on the issue, and one that both reflects and contradicts Kim's. Interesting stuff. Go see for yourself.

My boy's treatment was a success--so far. He's virtually pain free. Now it's clean up time with all the other shit still spewing out of life's sphincter. One step at a time. One step at a time.

Lucy Lazarus, Zombie Kitteh looks like she's starting to fail again, which is why I'm in a rush this morning. We're off to the vet! Again. More soon, I hope.
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She ate again, and she looks...GOOD! Like herself. She came out of the bathroom/sickroom this morning, didn't wobble when she walked, and ate some of the food I gave her. She drank some too.

I think I should have named her Lazarus.


Jan. 10th, 2012 05:33 pm
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Still hanging in there. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but she seems slightly perkier. At least she's upright, and not flat on her side. And I got her to eat about fifteen kitty treats. I dipped them in water so she'd get some liquid, at least. Not great, but...there you have it.
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gubbertushed: having projecting teeth
~William Whitney's Century Dictionary, 1889

(related to) gubbed, tough, mishapen; Hampshire.
~Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary, 1896-1905

Come on. That's a fun word! Gubbertushed. I swear, the English have a way of coining amusing words.

On kitty news--Lucy is alive, but not doing well. I'm taking her in to the vet in a short while for more fluids. I can't help feeling it's useless, and I hate stressing her for no good reason.

Why, oh, why can't they talk to us!?
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It's not good. She's one sick little kitty. Doc doesn't know what's causing the problem, only that her body eats up her red blood cells suddenly and at an alarming rate. Her hemoglobin count should be at 22. It's at 8. Last time this happened, it was 11. He gave her a shot of b12 and some fluids. She seems a little better, but...not really. There is no cure for any of the myriad of conditions it might be, and we can't find out what it is without testing her bone marrow. I'm not putting her through that for curiosity's sake. This will just keep happening, and one time, it'll kill her. She might not make it through the night. It's a wait and see. Thanks in advance for all your well wishes and thoughts and such.
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Ahhh...I do believe I have some time to actually, truly, sincerely slow down. It's my own poor planning that put me in this pickle--something I'll learn from, absolutely! But the end result is, all my editing duties are done for the time being, and I can actually read for pleasure, editor eye turned firmly OFF. Thankfully, this month's book club selection is, To Say Nothing of the Dog by the incomparable, Connie Willis.

As it often happens, these things fall nicely into place. Editing done, A Time Never Lived already off into the world, a good book club book to read, Beyond the Gate just about finished, a new story to dive into, and this message left in Facebook:

Hi Boggy*, it's Patches* ;) I just wanted to say I saw you wrote your book so for Christmas I got it for Corinne and she loves it! It is now being passed through SMS** and NMHS** through all their friends! Thank you!

--at least in writerworld, life is good.

Life is not so good in kitty-world. My little Lucy is once again ill. The vet has no idea what's wrong with her. She spontaneously bleeds internally, and we don't know it until days after. At least, that's his guess. He really doesn't know. Without lots of testing that she probably wouldn't survive (she's all of six pounds) all we can do is treat her when it happens. My poor girl.

Karin is up over on Heroines of Fantasy--a fascinating post about magical systems and their "rules" and boundaries--or do they have them at all? Promises to be another great discussion. Come on over and tell us what you have to say about it!
I have a Forgotten English Word, but I'll save it for tomorrow!

*GS camp names. I'm Boggy. Patches is the camp nurse.
**the local middle school and high school
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Well, ain't that a strange kettle of fish. Apparently, she was already on the mend when I brought her in, though it's a good thing I did. She hadn't started acting strangely until yesterday morning, MAYBE the night before, when she didn't beg at the table during dinner. Anyway--she's extremely anemic. Why? No idea. It's not any sort of cancer or bacteria, no AIDS. He knows what it ISN'T, just not what it is. He gave her a shot of vitamin b12, rehydrated her, and today, she's her old self. But why did she get so sick??

Basically, her blood vessels exploded internally and she lost a lot of blood without us ever knowing it. Why? How? WHAT??? Not a clue. He said he's seen a lot of strange cases this summer, but this is by far one of the strangest.

I have to bring her back next week to recheck her levels, make sure they're still elevating, and then hope it NEVER happens again!

Thanks for all your well-wishing. It made my day a whole lot less stressful.
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This is Pigeon. He seems to have captured my pregnant daughter. And look how pleased he is with himself.

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When I read this one, I gasped. Today's Forgotten English word:

pay in cats: to pay, not in cash, but in inconvenient or useless commodities.
~Richard Thornton's American Glossary, 1912

Black ats were considered unlucky, as we all know, but even worse was a cat born in May. I am quoting here:
A certain unluckiness is held all England over to attend a May kitten, as well as a May baby. The latter will be sickly and difficult to rear; the former must be drowned without mercy; no good would come of rearing it; it would only bring snakes and slowworms into the house, and never kill a rat or mouse...On this point, the Rev. Hugh Taylor writes, "My groom, a native of North Tyne, tells me no one would keep a May cat because it would lie on the children's faces and suffocate them"
William Hendersons's Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties of England, 1879

My Gramma Grace--half Italian, half English, used to say never to have cats and babies because cats, "steal a baby's breath." This bit of folklore is not new to me, but until now, I never thought of it as a nationwide campaign to drown all kittens born in May!  And it's making me wonder why cats? Why May? What phenomenon could actually occur that would bring this about?

I can guess at some, but I'd rather know your thoughts. Yours are always way better than mine.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Mar. 17th, 2011 10:14 am
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Today is St. Gertrude of Nivelles Day! A patroness of cat-lovers and protector of cats. Her story is a bit...suspect, but whatever. Considering the heading of my journal, I couldn't let the day pass without mention.

From Wikipedia:
The towns of Beverst (Belgium), Geertruidenberg (Breda) and Bergen-op-Zoom in North Branbant honour her as patron. She is also patron of travellers, and is invoked against fever, rats, and mice, particularly field-mice. There is a legend that one day she sent some of her subjects to a distant country, promising that no misfortune would befall them on the journey. When they were on the ocean, a large sea-monster threatened to capsize their ship, but disappeared upon the invocation of St. Gertrude. In memory of this occurrence travellers during the Middle Ages drank the so-called "Sinte Geerts Minne" or "Gertrudenminte" before setting out on their journey. St. Gertrude is generally represented as an abbess, with rats and mice at her feet or running up her cloak or pastoral staff.

Hmm...sea monster? I told you her story is suspicious. Nevertheless, I suppose by the time she got to England, St. Gertrude's thing about being a protector against mice and rats translated into being a patroness of cat-lovers and protector of cats.

Sadie Mae

Jul. 29th, 2010 08:46 pm
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This is my cat Sadie Mae. She is one of four little girls I have. Sadie, however, is different because...
this is her paw. )
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I meant well; really I did. My Sadie-cat likes to go outside, even if she rarely leaves the 4 x 5 patio. Squirrels frequent the bird feeder there, and she does wander into the woods now and again, so I put a flea collar on her last summer.

I hate the smell. I know it fades, but I, putting human thoughts and feelings onto my cat, thought it must have been AWFUL to be unable to escape that smell. So when it came time to change her collar, I put a pretty, shocking pink one on her (she also LOVES to wear a collar--strange kitty) emblazoned with her name and home information, and did the squeeze-the-liquid-between-her-shoulderblades kitty flea preventative.

Did I get the kind I used on my other outdoor cats back in the day?? Nooooo. Because I love my kitty, because I don't like the thought of squeezing chemical poison yuck onto her skin, I got an all natural, vet approved, kitty safe herbal flea and tick prevention squeezer. As previously stated: I meant well.

What a nightmare. Apparently, it's all essential oils; one of them being geranium oil, which I cannot STAND! Never has there been a more cloying scent! And because it's all oils, it didn't penetrate her fur so much as glop it up. I have been trying to rid her of it all day, but short of putting her in the sink and shampooing her--which she would NOT like--I can't get it off. Horror, horror, horror!

Glrb...poor Sadie. And poor Frankie, upon whose pillow she was resting her geranium-oil head a little while ago.


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