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Jan. 9th, 2013 08:00 am
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Want to see the preliminary cover sketch for the Siren's Curse in Beyond The Gate?


The Siren's Curse is a ship that has been sailing the seas since the first sea filled. It has elements of several eras in seafaring history. I am in love.

It's got a ways to go yet--like the Curse actually sails ABOVE the sea on a nefarious sort of mist. The mast head is a wise old mermaid (my tattoo, below) not a dolphin. We're going back and forth right now, and it's soooooo exciting.

The Siren's Curse


Apr. 27th, 2012 03:54 pm
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I did not play editor after all this week. Next week, I hope. This week, after spinning my wheels in editorworld on Monday, I got to work on both The Shadows One Walks and Beyond the Gate.

First, TSOW: I forgot to get a word count, but I didn't add all that many since last week. I mostly did a bit of rearranging and tweaking. I go a little overboard on the first ten pages, tweaking and perfecting. It's just a me thing; I like to have a solid foundation to build the rest of my story on. Sometimes (ok, most times) that beginning gets moved or completely deleted. I know it seems like a waste of time to line edit stuff that's not going to stay--but it's not. In doing that kind of thing, I'm righting things in my mind. I'm starting threads that will weave in and out of the rest of the book. Anyway, I'm really pleased with the opening three chapters, and the order in which they appear. I think I've got the right foundation going. We'll see.

Second, BTG: Again, forgot to get that word count, but I did write ten pages of the new beginning. It's fabulous. AND, best of all, I am next to certain that by changing the beginning, I'm cutting a good 5K words more. This thing that started out at 199K, went down to 179K, down again to 144K, is going to be below 140K. Mark my words!

Third--the boy is doing very well. Really well. I won't even say, "We'll see!" or "one day at a time!" because such sentiments gives doubt something to latch onto. We'll have none of that, thank you. Right now, he's outside making a bow out of a hickory tree he cut down in the woods out back. Yes. A bow--that thing you shoot arrows from. He's always wanted to try. Now's his chance.

Fourth--I get to see my daughter, son-in-law and GrandWilliam tomorrow! Woohoo! Very excited.

Fifth--I leave for Virginia Beach and my Doll Baby Week of Writer Women at the Beach Week! I need it!

Sixth, and possibly best--my little girl comes home two weeks from Saturday. After four months in France, I imagine she's grown up a lot, but she is ALWAYS my little girl. I can't wait!

Have a splendid weekend, all!


Apr. 20th, 2012 02:29 pm
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I am blessed with amazing beta-readers: Erin Turbitt, and Tracy Dickens. They are my first line of defense, so to speak. They get the roughest version of anything I'm willing to share, and help me see it for what it is.

Last week, Tracy gave me feedback on Beyond the Gate that I couldn't quite wrap my head around. Last night, talking with Erin, showed me exactly what Tracy meant. The two of them have never met. I don't know if they've even conversed online! But between the two of them, they helped me to see exactly what was still bugging me about Beyond the Gate, and why I didn't feel comfortable turning it in to Eric and Kim just yet.

Now, I am. Well, I will be, once I tweak.

The fact that it's older work blinded me, while it helped them to really see those things I wasn't. I am so stoked right now, I can't even articulate it properly. I spent the morning mapping out what I still need to do. The process of seeing BTG's issues is now helping me to avoid the same in The Shadows One Walks.

I tend towards "running starts" as I call them, that in the end get cut or moved to several different places. Finder and A Time Never Lived open with some kind of action--hard openings, as opposed to soft. That's my style, but not my natural instinct. As both Tracy and Erin pointed out, Beyond the Gate was still opening soft. Coming after Finder and ATNL, that just wasn't going to wash. This shall be rectified in it, and in TSOW that, though I liked the opening, was once again opening soft. I'd been going back and forth between the first two chapters all week, trying to decide which actually was first. Last night's conversation and the resulting epiphany showed me that chapter one is actually chapter two, and vice versa.

The word count on The Shadows One Walks is 6700 words.

Next week promises to be a stressful one. My boy is supposed to be coming home. We are all scared and happy and nervous and SCARED! Did I mention scared? As a family, we will get through this. We WILL be successful. I cannot accept anything else. The last two days have been full of pain, both physical and mental, that have left me feeling a bit empowered, to be honest. As proof of that, I cut my hair! Yes, I cut it. It's still long, but the shortest layer tucks under my chin. I had a full six inches cut off places. It was an unruly, dried out mess and I was clinging to with both hands. That is never a good thing. So I let it go--good lesson for hair, in writing, and in life.

I'm exhausted, honestly. I feel like I've been wrestling demons all week! And I suppose I have been, of one kind or another. Right now, I'm taking my newly ordered printout of TSOW out to the skychair, and I'm going to read it straight through--rearranged as it is. And then maybe I'll take a nap before starting dinner. So there.

Take that, demons.
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147,782, Beyond the Gate is finished.


Feb. 24th, 2012 04:58 pm
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148,748. I'm still not calling it done, even though it is. I have to re-read what I did today before I can call Beyond the Gate finished. I'm in no rush. I'm not quite ready to start writing the next book. I have a three HRB edits I want to give my full attention before doing so. I feel like I'm dragging this out a bit more than I really should be, but I'm having fun with this. My deadline is about six months or so off; why rush? Then again, I don't want to get trapped in that cycle of neverending revision. Next week. Whatever I have by the end of next week (or sooner) goes to my betas.

There. I've said it. Now I must DO it.

Before I sign off, I want to give a heads up that the marvelous [ profile] peadarog is up on Heroines of Fantasy on Monday. I hope you stop by and show him some love!

Happy Weekend!
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15 pages left! FIFTEEN!!! Why did I not finish, you ask? It's a long story. All is well, but the hubs is currently in the hospital. He started to shake and couldn't stop...until he threw up at the hospital. Looks like it's a stomach flu, but they're not letting him go just yet. They might even keep him the night, in case he needs fluids.

Ack! The chaos never ends!!! And, of course, if he needs to be picked up tomorrow, that means I don't go to writing group. AGAIN. I joined in October, and have only been to December's meeting thus far. But, he comes first, of course. I can be disappointed without being a bitch, right?

So, Beyond the Gate is still under 150K, but it's not a matter of revising the last pages, and that's why it has taken two weeks instead of a few days. The change in detail required a whole bunch of rewriting--which THRILLS me because I am so excited to write NEW words. Haven't actually created in quite some time. Anyway, hopefully, I will be finished by the end of next week. We'll see!

You know that old saying about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb?? Let's hope that the weekend follows that pattern, because I REALLY need a break from the chaos.

Happy Weekend!


Feb. 10th, 2012 04:29 pm
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Nope. Not finished! I could have been several days ago, but I just wasn't happy with that ending. It was fine. It worked. I didn't love it. NOW, I love it. It hit me one day while going over it again, trying to pick out just what wasn't sitting right with me. It came, once again, to that teensy little detail that made all the difference in the world. I'm sensing a pattern here. Hmmm...part of me says I should be able to see it sooner at this point, given it happens with just about every manuscript; but the fact is, until I get to a certain point, that teensy detail just isn't clearly THE detail until I actually get here.

The detail has been sought, found, and adjusted. I am in the process of tweaking the last...thirty?? pages of the manuscript to jibe with the change. Easy peasy! Honestly, easier than I suspected, because the back and forth stuff I did to make the UNadjusted detail work was seriously bogging the ending down. No more bogging.

Beyond the Gate is currently 152,652 words. Even if no more words get cut (which they will!) I am satisfied with this word count. Very satisfied.

On another note, wow! Was my build a story in Heroines of Fantasy a bomb this week! No one wanted to play. We got a few entries, but not enough to actually create a story without writing the whole thing myself. There's still time, if you want to give it a shot, but if I get no more entries, I'm just going to call this one a resounding failure and let it go. Pooh!


Jan. 27th, 2012 03:08 pm
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I started the last pass over Beyond the Gate before sending it to betas. If I do forty pages a day, I will finish this pass by next Friday's UFFDA. That is my goal. I got my forty pages done today, and was able to shave 344 words.

BTG's word count is currently 158,154.

Not too shabby. The front end is tight; I'm not expecting to cut more than a few hundred per forty pages until I get about a third of the way through. We'll see. I'm not going to stress. 158K from 199K is pretty damn snazzy. 

I made myself cry today, and then I laughed at myself for being such a goon. Still, that was pretty damn snazzy too. And you know what else is pretty damn snazzy? The news I got yesterday that I'm not allowed to share. Nope. Can't do it. But it's GREAT news. I'm still sparkling over it. I promise to share as soon as I can.

That's it for today's UFFDA. Tonight, the hubs and I are going out to celebrate the great news I can't share. Cake will be eaten. Mmmm....cake.....

Have a damn snazzy weekend!
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You know what THAT means...I'M FINISHED!


Beyond the Gate has had it's majorest, bestest edit to date. It went from nearly 180K down to a still-sizeable 158K. I'm very happy with what I did--even the ending that I didn't think was going to turn out well. The story is the same story I loved so much. I killed some darlings. In the end, it's a much tighter story.

I still have to shave off about 8K. I'm going over it one more time. I'm pretty sure I can snip it. There were things I left in with the thought, "maybe I'll keep this, maybe I won't." Hmm...some of those I will. Some I won't. In the end, I will have it where I want it.

After that, it goes off to beta readers, one of whom has already read the 180K version (in very small, headachy font!) and another who read not only the 180K version, but the 199K version as well. Stalwart lasses, they be! I'm roping a few others into this as well--mwhahahahaa! But they have to. They're my editors!

In the end, this beloved novel could well be one that stays trunked. I think it works, but my brain might be telling me lies. I'll find out from those I trust, and go from there.


Jan. 13th, 2012 04:23 pm
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I'm not sure writing day is done yet. I'm alone here until about eight or so. No one to cook for but my little own self. I will probably go back up to the loft, but if I do, it will be more about notes than revision so I'll UFFDA now.

My word count report isn't really indicative of the actual WORD count. Included in it are notes, chunks of text I'm going to be pitching once I get the gist of them in place, but BTG now clocks in at 158,491. Next week, when that drops dramatically, don't be impressed. It'll just be junk already pitched but taking up space.

So, needless to say, I did NOT finish this pass of BTG this week. Lucy drama kept my brain preoccupied (and me in the car!) But she is right as right is going to get. It's madness, how quickly and well she recovered. My husband was going to dig a hole for her Monday night! It will get her eventually, this crazy disease I have no name for--but not this time.

I have been writing lots of notes for the next book this week. LOTS. Handwritten, as I revise and think of things. The notebook sits next to my writing computer, ready to be jotted into. Gads, I love it already! It is going to be a bit more...whimsical than Finder, ATNL or BTG. I'm really looking forward to it.

Signing off! Have a great weekend, all!


Dec. 30th, 2011 05:38 pm
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Beyond the Gate is now down to 161,161 words. Many more will be going next week. My ending...yeah, lots of extra stuff I just didn't need. Very excited.

The big news this week is FINAL COVER ART!

The font/formatting is being done as I write this. The interior is formatted and ready to go, including the map!

A book. A REAL BOOK! It never gets old. Now I sit back and wait for my ARCs to arrive, for reviews to come in (I HOPE!!!) and May 25, when it flies out into the world. Whew!



Oct. 14th, 2011 05:09 pm
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I spent waaaay too much time on the phone this week. It was insane. For some reason, everyone important in my life decided that THIS week was the one NONE of them could make through without me. Ah, well. It's nice to be needed! 

Beyond the Gate has thusfar gone from 179,478 to 172,600 words for a whopping total of 6,878 words trimmed. I did end up going back to the beginning again, because once I hit a certain part, I realized that a whole bunch of earlier stuff could get pitched. TREBUCHET words! I wish I could say I'd miss you! But you were superfluous, and the story is better, tighter without you. Sorry!

I also started reading a submission that has been waiting in HRB's files for way too long. I'm enjoying it quite a bit, though I never count my hopeful chickens before they've hatched out the end. I'll finish over the weekend.

William is six weeks old. He weighs 13.6 pounds already! Eeep! And he's 24 inches long. No, he will not be a basketball or football player. His mother was in the 97th percentile of height and weight until she was five. She was always the tallest in her class, until age 13 when she spontaneously stopped growing at a petite 5' 3". Daddy isn't a tall man either. Then again, neither my husband nor I are tall people, we have a 6' 2" son, so... 

It is going to be a splendid weekend! I hope yours is too!
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My own Pollyannaness astounds me. Sometimes, I think I must be rather simple. No matter what's going on (and there is always something) I always at least start the day with the notion that it's going to be fabulous. Ah, me...may the heavens strike me down if I ever slide into pessimism. I think it would cause a rift in the space/time continuum and the whole world would implode in an opposite big bang or something.

Nothing is HAPPENING. In fact, things are quiet and...normal? I think that's what scares me a little. How can anything be normal after last summer? I can't help feeling the weight of the horizon. I don't want to feel it. I don't want to acknowledge it. Doing so feels like expectation, and I can't live that way, so I don't--but the weight is still there despite waking up each morning excited to have yet another day to do those things I love to do. Confuzzling, I know--imagine being in my brain! No, don''s kinda crazy in there.

Today, I'm going to work on the blurb for ATNL until lunch, afterwards, more skimming and trimming of Beyond the Gate. (Cut 2000 words so far!) I'll be putting the blurb up on Heroines of Fantasy, maybe even a few sample pages for the curious. We'll see. First, the blurb.

Speaking of HoF, publisher and editor Eric Reynolds was up yesterday, telling the tale of how a scifi guy ended up publishing fantasy novels. If you haven't already, go check it out. And while you're there, take advantage of your last chance to win a free copy of [ profile] karin_gastreich 's new novel, Eolyn. Fabulous book. I was lucky enough to read it before publication. Whew--epic fantasy at its finest!

In parting, I leave you with this Forgotten English word of the day:

ronyon: from the French, rogne, the scab or scurf. Applied to women as "scurvy fellow" applied to men.
              ~William Toone's Etymological Dictionary of Obsolete Words 1832

male sex organ.
~Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary 1914


Somewhere between 1832 and 1914, the word went from being a derisive term for a woman to a euphemism for penis. Interesting...
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I'm not one to claim to have a muse that sits on my shoulder, whispering in my ear. I prefer to know that all my ideas, all my mistakes, come from ME. But I'll be damned if that water muse that lives in my shower didn't strike again today.

Beyond the Gate, my endeavor before Finder, is a good book. Not a great one; a good one. It's too long, it gets a little confusing even for me. A slightly more experienced brain can look back at it now and know where to pull more out, and where to clarify something else. I planned, all along, that after I finish A Time Never Lived, I was going to go back and tweak BTG into something publishable.

Holy smokes...what a thought struck me today! BTG is set in the same world-at-large that Finder and ATNL are. Different time period, completely different part of it. They are as close to one another as modern day Australia is to Ancient Greece, but--!!

There are places where they touch. I sort of kind of did it on purpose while writing Finder and ATNL. No one would know but me and the few people who've read BTG, but what if...said the muse in the shower...what if you led the end of ATNL into the world of BTG?

The end of Finder is sort of the beginning of ATNL. One doesn't have to read one to get the other, they're just a bit richer together. It would be the same for BTG, which takes place about two thousand years before the others. And that is where they touch--stuff in Finder and ATNL don't depend upon BTG to understand them, but after you've read BTG you'll have (if it goes the way I hope) new insights into the other two.

These threads! How I love them. They just make everything more...MORE!

The coolest thing is,  those threads are mostly woven. Where I'd have to tweak them most would be in Beyond the Gate and that's due for a complete overhaul anyway.

I'm not sure, when the time comes, if this is what will end up happening. It could be another one of those "cool tangents" I am famous for driving myself insane with. Maybe BTG needs to stay the story it is...but wouldn't it be cool??


Sep. 25th, 2009 01:53 pm
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Last Friday saw the second draft at 149,238 words. Today's count? 143,685 for 5,553 words cut this week, and a total of 17,307 words scraped off the manuscript as a whole. Go me!
(I forgot to get a page count.)
I wanted to get to 18K today, but the baby called. She's coming home. Then she's not coming home. Now she is coming home, but maybe she's not. Sigh--gotta be preparred with yummy mom-cooking in the event she is. Chicken piccata, coming up.
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From now on, I'm only allowed to check word count on Friday. So here it is:

First draft clocked in at 159,992 words.
Second draft currently stands at 155,725.

I am on page 70. I have cut 4,267 words. Only about 25K to go!

I love the edits. All I'm leaving behind is the padding I didn't need, not story being sacrificed to the writing gods. It's a lot cleaner (thus far) and I'm quite pleased.

I did go back to page one and start over again, because I was not pleased with the opening scene. I wrote an entirely new scene and I think I nailed it now, but it meant continuing on from page one to make the necessary changes to the rest of the story. It's amazing, once you start really pulling out the padding how much easier it becomes to hit that delete key!

I ended today where I'd left off before going back to tackle the opening scene. Monday--onward!
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Sadly, the agent in NYC emailed back today that the story wasn't for her. She does, however, hope to hear from me in the future. I'm going to count this as a win.

**Remember what I said in the last post about finding a positive in every negative? Yeah, this would be one of those times. :)
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It was a busy week. Probably boring to everyone but me. :) )
So that's my writing week. How was yours?
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I'm a bit more than halfway through the manuscript that saw started out (well, finished at) 197,904 words. Thus far, I've trimmed 13,144 words. At the close of writing day today, the mss stood at 184,760 words; 109,764 of those words are final draft edited. I will at least cut those almost 5K words to bring it in at 180K. Still long, but acceptable.

I was doing about 10K a day until I hit that muddy middle (that is no longer slippery and sludgery, methinks). During those days, I was happy getting through 5K. Now that I've cleared that middle part, the last half of the book clocks along at 15-20K words a day. I thought I'd finish sooner; then I thought the goal of having it out by the end of March wasn't going to cut it. Now I'm pretty certain that I'll make it with at least a few days to spare. I won't say I'm absolutely certain--but close. :)

Today's power outtage, yesterday's opthamologist appointment (complete with evil drops that refused to let me see properly for several hours) and this weekend's trip to Boston are going to set me back a bit, but I don't think it will make me miss my goal of March 26.

I miss the story I started while waiting for my beloved betas to bloody my pages. I miss my characters. I love these, but I know their story inside and out. We've spent the better part of two years together. It's time to move on; but not until it's out the door until hell won't have it.
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Ba-ba-BAAAA! I finished the fourth draft (aka--incorporating the comments/suggestions/corrections caught by awesome beta-readers) of the book finished in October. Next week, I do a final read through to smooth things out. The following week will see the synopsis DONE (see how positive I'm being) and submission packages (as per guidelines!) will be winging their way through cyberworld to agentish computers here, there and everywhere. I think I'll confine the first round to agents, wait to get rejections...erm...I mean wait for them to go into a bidding war of sorts to obtain the right to call me a client, before going directly to publishers. I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess I'll find out.

Yes, I am still doing the treadmill for 1/2 hour Mon-Fri. Since I've made it a part of my writing day (ie, No writing until you've done 1/2 hour on the treadmill, deadbeat!) it's not been hard to keep myself motivated. I still hate it; but I do it. Blrgh.

Only two weeks until I see Boston friends! And only 79 days until my week of bliss in Virginia Beach! Woohoo! Can't wait.

Hmmm...I felt like there was more to update, but I guess that's it. Have a great weekend, all!


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