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I've been stared at for many reasons in my life. I was a punk rocker kind of chick back in the early eighties, Elmer's glue spiked hair, zippers, leather minis and fishnet stockings. I've had my ten ear piercings since before it became mainstream to have them. I wear a pentacle around my neck. I have lots of tattoos. Oh, yes, my friends, I've been stared at. But I learned something very deep and meaningful from those stares

--I learned that I really don't give a shit.

People who would judge me soley by my appearance, weird or otherwise, are trapped within their own small and frightened minds. Being different means having courage. It means actually having a working mind and not a recording device supplanted in place of it, capable only of playing back what it's already heard or seen. The people who stare or move their children away from me are missing out on the greatest thing about being human--diversity. So when they stare, I smile. I make sure to wave to their children. If they are rude, oh well. I won't stoop to being rude back. I'm better than that. If that's arrogant, so be it. People like that make me feel superior.
Being in my forties now, I am considered 'eccentric' instead of danerous. I don't get stared at as much as I am indulged. I feel like Billy Idol. I guess I've earned my position as wise and interesting crone. I like it here almost as much as I liked making waves.


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