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Forget? About forgotten English words? Inconceivable! I just haven't come across any that tickled my fancy until this little nugget today.
Who thought a vomitorium was the name of the room where Roman's used to purge after lavish meals? I'm raising my hand, mind you. But it's WRONG! It's a myth, or a misconception. Thanks to my Forgotten English calendar, clarity is mine...and I give it to you:
vomitory: a door of a large building; from Latin vomitorious.
(Daniel Lyon's Dictionary of the English Language, 1897)

"For at least a century, mistaken folk-etymology had caused many people to believe that the term vomitorium (related to the above-mentioned word) once represented a Roman lavatory used for purging during lavish feasts. Aldous Huxley had this misconception in mind when he wrote in his novel, Antic Hay (1923), "There strode in, like a Goth into the elegant marble vomitorium of Petronius Arbiter, a haggard and dishevelled person." "


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