Jan. 18th, 2013

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Busy day! I just got home from seeing a co-worker of the hubs sing with his band in a bar. Writing this morning, went to see Life Of Pi (STELLAR!!) with my daughter this afternoon, took her for glasses, came home and made dinner, then dashed out the door again. It is now an hour until today becomes tomorrow, and I'm EFUing LJ. Whew!

69/222 pages revised. Killing it. Loving it. So proud of it. Can't wait for Monday to dive back in.

I put this up today on FB:
It is an unavoidable, soul-crushing, core-shifting moment when you discover you are surrounded by people you love in your day-to-day world, who love you, but have absolutely no interest in the things that interest you, or what you think about them.

This was the result of trying to have a conversation with my daughter, and realizing she was absolutely not interested in anything I was saying. It all just hit me--just about everyone in my day-to-day life, friends, family both immediate and extended, are completely uninterested in what I do. They love me! They are proud of me! They are excited for me! But they have no real interest after that.

I'm not angry, or even upset--it's just one of those epiphanies that takes you by surprise and leaves you gasping just a little. I was quickly assuaged by the fact that though my family and hometown friends really aren't interested in writing or fantasy or even reading, I do have a community that fills that space. Several, in fact. I have my Viable Paradise friends, my Virginia Beach Dollbabies, my Hadley Rille Book family, my writing group, and I have my LJ community. I have people to talk about such things with who not only share my interests, but are enthusiastic about sharing thoughts on them. And they are interested in what I do and what I think. I am blessed.

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